Saturday, May 8, 2010

Closing Blog, 585 days late :)

So I recently came back to this blog after being reminded of it via our new website and a Midnight Ridazz thread. I always liked that the blog was left inconclusive, because I felt no closure to it. In fact, a number of issues were "opened".

When we arrived in NYC I wrote a long-winded sparkling rant about the strange fun of the new non-nomadic life. We had slipped through 3 months of the beautiful backside of the USA only to arrive in its tallest place. I felt bigger than the biggest city.

I could re-cap what happened in NYC per event, but its not all that important. In short, we rode all over NYC, played Bike Kill (with no instruments), freaked out at a public-access tv show, and kicked it with LA people until we took the train back on Obama's Election Day. However, the interesting angles life took afterwards led me into a collision with real life issues in LA. Nothing too serious, but it proved that this tour will permanently affect me. You have to know what ties to cut, or at least which to untie.

I begrudgingly and somewhat subconsiously returned to the same job, relationships, and life situation upon return. All three mutated and disintegrated quickly. What I knew I had to do upon return was to continue the tangent the tour had aligned for me; but continuing it proved difficult. I knew this would be so, but still I wasn't ready. It took about 8 months for things to start falling into place, and since then I am very pleased to say life is good. I have freedom to move, to be sinuous and honest. I could go on a month-long tour tomorrow if I wanted and I'd truthfully have few reprecussions (I'd only have to cancel a couple Funderstorm shows) - but why go on tour to get the lifestyle - if you already have it? Thank you, Freedom Check!

Monster Truck is an Attitude,

ps- I intend to write blogs here as its relevent, maybe every 585 days. See you then!